Darcie Murray Joins Allen Austin as Managing Partner

January 23, 2020

(Houston, TX) – Friday, January 24, 2020 – Allen Austin, a global retained executive search and leadership advisory firm, is pleased to announce Darcie Murray has joined the firm as Managing Partner.

“Over the last several years, we’ve been working to build an infrastructure capable of supporting world-class consultants and large, complex global clients. We’re excited about Darcie for many reasons, including her experience in building great teams, opening and leading global offices and scaling networks,” says Rob Andrews, Chairman and CEO of Allen Austin. “Beyond her technical abilities, she is perfectly aligned with our purpose, mission, vision and values. Given our commitment to build a culture of peak performance, deliver an exceptional employee experience and exceed our clients’ expectations, it is critical that our leadership embrace our relationships vs. transactions philosophy. Darcie, and members of our leadership team, engaged in deep conversations around culture, purpose, vision and values over a period of three months before making the mutual decision to join forces. At this point, it is difficult to imagine a better fit and we are looking forward to executing our five-year plan.

In her new role, Darcie will head the firm’s global search practice and her responsibilities will include client service, partner-level talent acquisition, and professional development. Darcie was drawn to Allen Austin because of its purpose and commitment to the highest levels of relationship management and client experience. Darcie’s understanding of the firm’s Foresight™ process, facilitating matches that work and last, make her an integral part of expanding the firm’s global footprint, while building on the firm’s values and culture of peak performance. Darcie will be a key member of Allen Austin’s leadership team and of its Professional Services and Diversity & Inclusion practices.

Prior to joining Allen Austin, Darcie was an equity partner, COO & Head of North America with Pedersen & Partners. She joined the firm in early 2006 whilst living in Prague and began her career in retained search as a Regional Client Relationship Manager, becoming the Operations Director in 2009 and COO by 2011. During the more than 10 years spent in Europe, she was intrinsically involved in the development and establishment of the centralized shared services operations in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the growth and expansion of the firm, together with the firm’s leadership team, that is now present in over 50 countries around the world. After more than a decade based in the Czech Republic, Darcie returned to Houston in 2015 to open their first U.S. office.

Prior to entering executive search, Darcie worked within the professional advisory services industry for eight years in the functional areas of administration, university recruiting, marketing, event coordination, employee relations, training and project management. During her career 20+ year career, Darcie has garnered an appreciation of, and a perspective on, the value of leadership advisory services, which drew her to Allen Austin’s groundbreaking Total Performance Leadership™ architecture.

“I am thrilled to join Allen Austin and to be engaging, and working with, such an inspirational group of leaders and partners,” Darcie says. “The firm’s leadership dedicated thoughtful time and consideration in 2019 to the development of a 5-year growth and transformation strategy, outlining and defining what best practices look like for our firm, and our clients, and I am excited to be a part of this vision, achieving our goals and mission, and creating a culture of peak performance.”

About Allen Austin

Allen Austin is a global management consulting firm specializing in retained search and leadership advisory. In an industry that hasn’t innovated in over 100 years, Allen Austin delivers solutions based on its own study and architecture around Total Performance Leadership™ (TPL): The Nine Disciplines that enable organizations to reach their highest potential, engage their workforces and deliver unprecedented shareholder returns. The Allen Austin Foresight™ search process, which is TPL Discipline #3, delivers exceptionally well-aligned A-Players that stick, perform, and deliver exceptional results. For more information, please see www.allenaustin.com.


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